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Hi, I'm Patti

A Creative Designer, UX Strategist & Developer

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A little bit about me...

I'm a former suburbanite who has relocated to the big city of Dallas, TX. I am currently a design and development consultant for The Creative Group. I spend some of my time away from work helping to teach young girls how to code using the Lilypad Arduino with my dear friend, Dr. Kim Knight, and her group Fashioning Circuits. I truly believe that as a female in the tech industry we have to give back, teach, and collaborate with others.

Outside of my full-time job, for the past few years, I have donated most of my time to a Dallas based arts non-profit, Art Conspiracy helping maintain and redesign their website while also collaborating on their digital communications strategy. As an organization we have been able to donate $300,000 to the North Texas arts community.  

I graduated with a BA from The University of Texas at Dallas, Magna Cum Laude and Major Honors, in Emerging Media & Communications. Since then I have been fortunate enough to help companies grow their business through seamless responsive web design. I love creating beautiful websites starting with pencil and grid paper and then replicating it in HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap and JavaScript. It's a challenge I love to tackle. Interested in working with me or maybe just interested in playing with arduinos? Contact me!